Milestones Accomplishment

Milestone: 1.1 Power flow convergence error for combined T&D system (19 bus T-system and 650 bus D-system) measured at every node/bus. Combined load flow Simulation is compared with independent T and D system and the results are with 1 % error.

Milestone: 2.1: Power flow convergence error 500+ node distribution system.

Milestone: 2.2: Clustering algorithm for three-phase 500-node distribution system with 30 PV inverters. Evaluations of forming effective cluster group based on changing network topologies and voltage profile.

Milestone: 3.1: Power flow convergence error for 2500 node distribution system. Simulation obtained by the Z-bus method is compared with the bench marked test results and Voltage magnitude mismatch at the end of the power flow is less than 0.01 pu.

Milestone: 3.2: Distribution OPF for three-phase 650 node distribution system with 50 PV inverters. The SOCP OPF model has been tested on 650 node three phase feeder with 50 inverters and computational time is less than 15 seconds..

Milestone: 3.3: Distribution OPF for three-phase 500-node distribution system with 50 PV inverters and 5 inline voltage regulators.

Milestone: 6.1: Modelling the communication layer for handling different latency requirements as three priority classes. The communication model will be developed in NS-3 simulator to assess the adaptation of latency, bandwidth, and reliability according to the requirements of the PV clusters